inevitaability was like: aw bae. you're so gorgeous. so perf <33


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Anonymous was like: You smell like tacos;) do you love me?


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Anonymous was like: you are such a babe, god damn

I live u

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oceansatetomthough was like: You're so beautiful omg

I love u

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Ginga ninja comin right atchya

Come right at me please

BABY 😍😘😍😘😍😘



cheeky lil selfie for anon before i go out tonight. 

awh bf

Aw dal

Are you seriously late here because you were taking selfies jfc hurry up
Anonymous was like: bella means beautiful in italian! c:


I was so confused 1 note
pop-punk-is-the-answer was like: When an anon say you ugly is a sign you super pretty , mazal tov for being a hotty

Mazal tov??????

Thankyou tho aw ahha

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unstable-scot was like: Speaking as a non-anon you super pretty! Pretty damn cool blog too. And asshole anon can go suck a spikey penis :D

Haha thankyou 🌵🌵

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Anonymous was like: Anon so mean, wtf? She's mega pretty

You’re anon
You could be the same anon
But we’ll never knowwwww

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Anonymous was like: Het anon instead of hiding cowardly behind your grey face with shades spouting degrading opinions that are neither wanted nor needed you can grow a pair of boobs and get either out in the open and adress your real issues here or you can keep hiding but use anon as it was meant to, telling a cute blog or person why you like them so much but being to shy to show your face or just not needing a thanks instead ey? Btw she is fucking flawless 👌 I'd die if a girl like her even looked at me so stfu :)

Kiss me

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